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There are many different types of signage and applications surrounding business signs, also called commercial signage, or office signs. Each company has unique requirements for their specific signage, here are some questions that any commercial signage company should ask and that you should consider:

  • Is it being used for branding and name recognition?
  • Are the marketing goals and business objectives more about driving traffic and awareness from the commuters going by?
  • How far is the potential sign location with respect to the walking and drive by traffic?
  • How easy will it be for the sign to garner impressions?
  • Are signs permitted in your area?
  • Are there specific restrictions in your facility or by the landlord you should be aware of?

Every business deserves a unique, customized approach to meet their specific signage needs. Metal FX delivers custom and personalized business sign solutions for every single project.

The first challenge is to get prospects into your facility. This is accomplished through a marketing and branding strategy consisting of your website, print, radio and TV advertising, trade shows, and signage.

With all the signs trying to grab the attention of your potential customers you have to find a way to have yours get noticed. With the way the human mind functions, people that pass your location regularly will eventually become blind to your signs, no longer taking notice of something that they see regularly. To combat this issue, you should plan to make regular changes to your signage. Giving passers-by something new to catch their eye.

View our list of business signage below, or contact us to find out what sign would be the best option for your business.

  • Aluminum Signs
    Aluminum Signs

    Our custom aluminum signs are weather resistant, lightweight, and vibrant

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  • Exterior Signs

    When signs are new they reflect positively on the business they are advertising. Electric signs with some letters burnt out, vinyl graphics that have faded, cracked, or peeled over the years, or signs blocked by overgrown plants give the impression that the business is no longer current and maybe th…

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  • Interior Signs
    Interior Signs

    Impress your clients and customers with a professional interior signage from Metal FX.

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  • Metal Signs
    Metal Signage

    Metal signage adds a classy look to your business while delivering a strong impact.

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  • Pylon Signs
    Pylon / Commercial Signage

    Pylon signs are the primary point of identification for your business. Let Metal FX help you create a good first impression!

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  • Illuminated Signs
    Illuminated Signage

    Want to stand out in the bevy of marketing campaigns? Want lights to express the mood of your business both inside and outside the store or office? Our team of experts at Metal FX has the answer.

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  • Fascia Signs
    Fascia Signs

    One of the most common outdoor building signs is the fascia sign. Fascia signs are traditional wall signs that can be illuminated or non-illuminated, and are installed in various sizes, shapes, graphics, and colours.

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  • Office Signs
    Office Signs

    Whether you are looking for exterior building signs, panel or post signage, freestanding pylon signs, interior directional signs, reception signs, or wall, window, or vehicle graphics, Metal FX can provide a complete design for all your business signage requirements.

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  • Custom Signs
    Custom Business Signs

    There are many different types of and applications for custom signs. As each project is unique, Metal FX will work with you to find the best type of signage to best fit your needs.

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