LED Message centres

Message Boards

LED Message Centres or Digital Billboards

An LED message board is an easy, low maintenance, and affordable way to convey messages to a wide variety of individuals.This Message board or centre are sometimes also referred to as Digital Billboards and this term usually refers to the application of construction a LED board for the purpose of 3rd party advertising.

Metal FX LED message boards are enhancing the way that companies such as but not limited to industrial companies, retailers, and restaurants and non-profit organizations such as schools, and churches giving these customers the ability to promote their products/services and events.


Our LED message signs are currently being utilized by customers from all different industries. For example, perhaps you are a dentist looking to attract new patients. Also, any churches are using our LED message signs to spread the world of their ministry and find new members for their congregations.

Signage Flexibility

This feature makes it easy for companies to change sales, specials, and promotions on a daily basis! You can truly see the difference in quality between our message boards and those of competitors. Our high-resolution picture quality is exceptional and is sure to catch the attention of passing traffic. 


LED signage comes in almost any size shape and budget, making it easy to craft a quote that is perfect for you. 


Ask one of our team at MetalFX to help, with over 20 years experience our knowledgeable staff want to help today, what are you waiting for!

Looking to buy prepackaged wholesale signage and install it yourself? maybe you are in a remote location and it's not practical to hire us for installation? No problem, check out our wholesale signage prepackaged programs.

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